Releases from 2014

2014 saw the band return after an 8 year absence with their self titled sixth studio album, Embrace. There were 4 singles released from the album along with a special edition LP.


Release: In The End

In The End was the 3rd single taken from the self titled Embrace album

Nov 24 2014

Release: I Run

I Run was released as a double AA side from the Album Embrace

Jul 07 2014

Release: Embrace (Album)

Embrace is the band's eponymously titled sixth studio album. Produced by Richard McNamara and recorded at the bands own Magnetic North studios, the album was released on 28 April 2014 on the Cooking Vinyl label

The album was the band's first LP in eight years, the follow-up to 2006's This New Day, it entered the UK charts at #5

The launch of the album was accompanied by a limited theatrical run of the band's live film Magnetic North

Drawing on influences from post-punk bands of the late 1970s and early 80s, the album was well received but seen as something of a departure from the band's established sound.

Apr 28 2014

Release: Follow You Home EP

Taken from the band's eponymous sixth studio album Embrace

"Follow You Home" was released to UK radio on 10 March 2014 on the Cooking Vinyl label

Apr 22 2014

Release: Refugees EP

Title track "Refugees" featured lead vocals from Richard McNamara who also produced the EP which included extra tracks Chameleon and Decades

Released 14th February 2014 by independent record label Cooking Vinyl the "Refugees EP" was the first commercial release from the band in over seven years and the band's first release on Cooking Vinyl

Feb 14 2014

Releases from 2006

2006 was the year of the band's 5th studio album, This New Day. There were 4 singles released from the album including the official England World Cup song "World At Your Feet" and a special edition of the album that followed it


Release: I Can't Come Down

"I Can't Come Down" is the fourth and final single from the band's number one album This New Day. It was released on 4 December 2006 as the follow-up to "Target".

The B-sides included various versions of "I Can't Come Down", "Contender" and a live recording of the recently written "Heart & Soul".

Dec 04 2006

Release: Target

"Target", taken from the band's #1 charting fifth album This New Day, was released 11 September 2006 as the follow-up to the official England World Cup 2006 song "World At Your Feet".

The single peaked at #29 in the UK Singles Chart.

Sep 11 2006

Release: World At Your Feet

"World at Your Feet" is featured on the special edition version of the band's This New Day album. It was the official song of the England World Cup squad for the 2006 FIFA World Cup campaign, and was released on 5 June 2006.

Speaking at the time Danny told the NME: "We didn't apply to do this, The FA asked us. Our manager said, 'Do you want to do the World Cup song? I asked my dad and he said, 'if you think you're up to it, do it!' I was just trying to cover all the bases."

The song was first broadcast on the Chris Moyles Radio 1 Breakfast Show on 21 April 2006 and went on to give the band their second highest UK singles chart placing, peaking at #3.

Jun 05 2006

Release: This New Day (Album)

This New Day was the band's fifth studio album. Released on 27 March 2006 and preceded by the single "Nature's Law", the album went straight to the top of the UK Albums Chart.

The success of the single and album prompted the Football Association to ask the band to record England's official 2006 FIFA World Cup song.

The album was then reissued on 5 June 2006 with the World Cup song included on it. The album is also notable for being the first album ever to top the UK Album Downloads Chart. "Nature's Law" had already become the band's most successful single by that point, having debuted at #2 on the UK Singles Chart.

The band had originally planned to call the album "Exploding Machines", only settling on This New Day at the last minute.

Mar 27 2006

Release: Nature's Law

"Nature's Law" is taken from the band's fifth album, This New Day. It was released 20 March 2006 as the lead single from the album, charting at #2 in the UK Singles Chart. It was the band's highest chart entry to date and was only kept off the top spot by a few hundred sales, by Ne-Yo's "So Sick".

Mar 20 2006

Releases from 2005

2005 followed up a busy 2004, the band released the last two singles from Out of Nothing, and also released a B-Sides compilation called Dry Kids.


Release: Dry Kids (B-Sides 1997 to 2005)

Dry Kids: B-sides 1997 to 2005 was released on 31 October 2005. It features 18 tracks from the b sides of singles and EPs across the band's entire career to that point, including a version of "Blind" an early live favourite which was omitted from the band's debut album The Good Will Out.

Sep 31 2005

Release: A Glorious Day

""A Glorious Day" is the fourth single from the band's fourth studio album, Out Of Nothing. The single was released to coincide with the "Glorious Day" open-air gigs on 28 and 29 May 2005, at Millennium Square in Leeds, England. The song went to number #28 on the UK Singles Chart.

B-sides "Milk and Honey" and "Feels Like Glue" are featured on the Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005 compilation.

May 30 2005

Release: Looking As You Are

"Looking As You Are" was the third single from the band's fourth studio album, Out of Nothing. It reached #11 on the UK Singles Chart.

B-side "Madelaine" is featured on the Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005 compilation.

Feb 14 2005

Releases from 2004

2004 was a busy year for the band, which began with a bang as they recorded the single "Gravity", penned by Chris Martin of Coldplay. The release of "Gravity" was followed by the band's fourth studio album, Out Of Nothing, and another single towards the end of the year.


Release: Ashes

"Ashes" is the second single from the band's fourth studio album, Out of Nothing. This release was publicised by a fan campaign called G.A.T.N.O (Get Ashes to Number One), with the song eventually reaching #11 in the UK Singles Chart.

The B-side, "Flaming Red Hair", started life as a cover version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Another B-side, "How Come", was originally performed on Jo Whiley's BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

B-sides "Maybe I Wish", "Flaming Red Hair" and "How Come" are featured on the Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005 compilation.

The song also featured on the soundtrack of FIFA 06.

In the late summer of 2010, the track gained American notoriety through use in a commercial promoting the video game Madden NFL 11 that primarily aired on ESPN.

In 2014 Reading FC fans chose "Ashes" as their official club anthem, and the song was also used for some time on the Match of the Day TV programme as the backing for their "Goal Of The Month" segment.

Nov 15 2004

Release: Out Of Nothing (Album)

Out Of Nothing is the band's fourth and most successful studio album to date. It was released on 13 September 2004 through Independiente Records, the bandŐs new label after their departure from Virgin Records.

The album went straight in at #1 on the official UK Album Charts, eventually going double platinum and selling more than 600,000 copies in the UK alone, making it the band's best selling and most critically acclaimed album since their 1998 The Good Will Out debut.

The Out Of Nothing album was much anticipated, as Embrace had not released any new material for three years, spending that time writing and refocusing after their departure for Virgin.

Sep 13 2004

Release: Gravity

"Gravity" is the lead single from Out of Nothing, the band's fourth studio album. Written by Coldplay's Chris Martin (the song was first performed live by Coldplay in 2002), Chris Martin offered the song to Embrace as a gesture of gratitude for the support slots Embrace gave to Coldplay at the start of their career.

"Gravity" was the first single released by Embrace on the bands new label Independiente Records, it peaked at #7 on the UK Singles Chart and helped re-establish the band after their 3 year hiatus.

The B-side, "Wasted" started off as "Logical Love Song" and was originally conceived during the Drawn From Memory sessions.

"Gravity" was re-recorded by Coldplay in late 2005 and is included as a B-side to their single "Talk".

The songs "Too Many Times", "The Shot's Still Ringing" and "Waterfall" are featured on the B-sides compilation Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005.

Aug 30 2004

Releases from 2002

2002 was a quiet year for Embrace, but they were still able to squeeze in a singles compilation LP covering their time on Virgin Records.


Release: Fireworks: The Singles 1997 to 2002

Fireworks: The Singles 1997 to 2002 is a compilation album of singles taken from the band's first 3 albums.

The versions of "Make It Last" and "I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You" are both the single versions and are different from those on the albums If You've Never Been and Drawn from Memory. The compilation also features a re-recorded version of Bob Dorroughs "3 Is A Magic Number" (which was originally a B-side to "I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You") and "The Good Will Out", which was released as a radio only single at the end of the debut album campaign.

Mar 25 2002

Releases from 2001

2001 saw the band follow up with their third LP, from which 2 singles were released.


Release: Make it Last

"Make It Last" was released as a single on 5 November 2001. It was the second and final single from the bands third studio album If You've Never Been, it peaked at #35 on the UK Singles Chart.

Nov 01 2001

Release: If You've Never Been (Album)

If You've Never Been was the band's third studio album. It was released on 3 September 2001 through Hut Recordings / Virgin Records. It reached #9 on the official UK Album Chart, the band's third consecutive Top 10 album.

Sep 03 2001

Release: Wonder

"Wonder" was released on 20 August 2001. It was the first single taken from the band's third studio album If You've Never Been, and peaked at #14 on the UK Singles Chart.

It was the song used by the BBC as a highlights clip to celebrate Englands victory over Argentina in the 2002 football World Cup. It was also used in the pilot episode of the American TV series Smallville.

Aug 20 2001

Releases from 2000

2000 saw the release of the band's second studio album, "Drawn from Memory" and two further singles.


Release: I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You

"I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You" was the last single taken from the band's second album Drawn from Memory. The self-directed video was shot on the beach at Burnham-On-Sea, when the band took a few hours out of their Glastonbury Festival schedule.

Aug 07 2000

Release: Save Me

"Save Me" is a song released as the third single from the band's second studio album Drawn From Memory. It reached #29 in the UK Singles Chart and remains one of the band's most popular live songs. B-side "Still So Young" was written by Embrace drummer Mike Heaton.

A remix of the single is attributed to "Reverend Bass", an alias for Richard McNamara.

May 22 2000

Release: Drawn From Memory (Album)

Drawn From Memory was the band's second album, which featured cover art by London-based artist Tommy Penton.

Mar 27 2000

Release: You're Not Alone

"You're Not Alone" was the second single taken from the band's second studio album Drawn From Memory. It is considered to have a Motown influence. B-side "Brothers and Sisters" ranks as one of the bands most popular B-sides and is one of the few that Danny & Richard both have vocals on. "Happy and Lost" gave name to one of the bands main fansites.

Footage for the songs promo video was shot on location in Australia, and was directed by John Hillcoat, who went on to become an award winner film director.

Mar 13 2000

Releases from 1999

1999 saw the band release the first track from their upcoming Drawn From Memory album, it also saw the release of the Abbey Road Session EP.


Release: Hooligan

"Hooligan" became the band's sixth Top 40 single, reaching #18 in the UK Singles Chart after its release as the first single from the bands second album Drawn From Memory.

The video for the song was shot on the same East London estate where Stanley Kubrick filmed A Clockwork Orange.

Lead vocals on the track came from Richard McNamara, and B-side "I've Been Running" is featured on the Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005 compilation.

Nov 08 1999

Release: Abbey Road Sessions

The Abbey Road Sessions EP was released in the form of a 2 CD set as a limited edition version of the bands single "My Weakness Is None of Your Business".

The first CD came in a cardboard double gatefold CD sleeve and was available in record shops. The second CD (Abbey Road Sessions Part 2) had three more tracks and was only available by mail order from the band.

All the tracks were recorded live at Abbey Road Studios on 19 October 1997. Versions of all the songs on the EP appear on the band's debut album The Good Will Out.

Jan 11 1999

Releases from 1998

1998 was a massive year for the fledgling Embrace, the huge success of The Good Will Out LP, 2 Singles and 2 EPs.


Release: The Good Will Out EP

"The Good Will Out EP" was the final release from the debut LP.

Nov 30 1998

Release: My Weakness Is None of Your Business

"My Weakness Is None of Your Business" was fifth single release from the band. It was released on 17 August 1998 and became the third top 10 single from debut album The Good Will Out, peaking at #9 in the UK Singles Chart.

CD2 of the single contains 3 songs from the album performed live at Abbey Road Studios, and is part of an EP of songs recorded live during the "Abbey Road Sessions" that was released the same year.

Aug 17 1998

Release: The Good Will Out (Album)

The Good Will Out is the band's debut album, released on Hut Recordings / Virgin Records 8 June 1998.

The album received critical acclaim as well as commercial success, going gold on its first day of release, entering the UK Album Chart at #1 and becoming one of the fastest selling debut albums by a British artist ever. The album went on to sell over 500,000 copies in the UK alone.

The band headlined the second stage at Glastonbury Festival shortly after the albums release in June 1998.

Jun 08 1998

Release: Come Back to What You Know EP

"Come Back to What You Know" was the bands 4th single. Taken from their debut album The Good Will Out, the single was released on 25 May 1998 and reached #6 in the UK Singles Chart. One of the band's biggest hits, and a huge live favourite, it remained the band's highest charting single until the release of "Nature's Law" in 2006.

B-side "Love Is Back" is featured on the Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005 compilation.

May 25 1998

Releases from 1997

1997 is where is all began, the band released their first single and embarked on their incredible journey...


Release: All You Good Good People EP

The "All You Good Good People EP" was released on 27 October 1997 by Hut Recordings, and was the third single from the #1 debut album The Good Will Out.

Produced by Youth, who would go on to produce the Verves Urban Hymns album, the release became the band's biggest chart hit to date at that time, and the first to reach the top 10, peaking at #8.

The video for the US single featured a shaven-headed Danny portrayed as a Death Row inmate during his last day before execution.

Oct 27 1997

Release: One Big Family EP

The "One Big Family EP" was the second EP release from the band, it came out on Hut Recordings, with the title track featuring on the band's debut album The Good Will Out. The EP narrowly missed the top 20, peaking at #21 on the UK Singles Chart. Many people do not realise that the lead track on this EP was actually sung by Richard, rather than Danny.

The songs "Dry Kids" and "Butter Wouldn't Melt" from the EP are featured on the B-sides compilation, Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005.

The song was also a chart hit for the band Templecloud in 2011, after their version of One Big Family was used in a TV advert for a well-known fast food outlet.

Jul 07 1997

Release: Fireworks EP

"Fireworks" is the title track of the band's first EP and their first release on Hut Recordings, also the first release from the band to reach the top 40 in the UK (#34).

The 4 track EP featured 3 songs that would eventually be included on the band's debut album "The Good Will Out", which reached #1 in the UK Album Chart in 1998.

May 05 1997

Release: All You Good Good People

"All You Good Good People" was the band's debut single, released via the Fierce Panda label on limited edition 7in vinyl, in February 1997. Only 1300 hand-numbered copies of the single were ever manufactured.

B-side of the 7in was "My Weakness Is None Of Your Business". Both A-side and B-Side were subsequently re-recorded and re-released, and both were top 10 charts hits, making the original Fierce Panda 7in one of the bands most sought-after collectors items.

Feb 17 1997