Are you paying over the odds for the BI solution?

In a world where BI takes many forms and is one of the fastest growning technology sectors, does a more expensive system mean it's the best solution? Over the past 15 years we have seen and implemented many solutions all promising to deliver the answer to all our information needs, some have been inexpensive others have carried price tags that would make your eyes water, but did we get value for money?

In all cases, the solutions delivered what was expeted in terms of functionality and capability, but it did produce many questions as to the soltuions chosen and the gap between what was available and what was actually used. In much the same way that ERP solutions try to encapsulate a module for every possible requirement, so BI solutions now attempt the same.
Bigger databases, larger storage, faster access and more automation, adding to solution complexity and price. If you have the time, resources, business commitment and need, these options can offer value for money and a strong benefit to your organisation, however it is often the case one or more of these elements are not accessible.

The technical system is just one element of the solution you will be operating once the implementation is complete. Understanding exactly what your business needs are and specifically what you wish to use it for is the key to making the right choice when selecting your technology. Remember not to get distracted by what you don't need, nice to have options nearly always end up being just that and by spending more you don't always get more as these solutions now offer very similar functions.

Keep it simple and stick to the basics, the rest will follow without the price tag.